E-Commerce for Dynamics NAV 2013


E-Commerce for Dynamics NAV 2013

We are happy to anounce the availability of Select Solutions E‑Commerce for Dynamics NAV 2013, the latest major release of Dynamics NAV, the enterprise resource planning solution from Microsoft Corp. for small and medium businesses.

Fully Supported

The release of E-Commerce for Dynamics NAV has been in development since Dynamics NAV 2013 Beta was available, and thorough testing has been performed since September 25th, when Dynamics NAV 2013 RTM was released. Just a week after the release, we are proud to announce full compatibility and support for Dynamics NAV 2013.

Reduced License Investment

Dynamics NAV 2013 introduces major changes in the licensing model. Dynamics NAV 2013 will be licensed using the so called Perpetual model, obsoleting the Business Ready model that was used for versions 4.00 to 2009 R2. With Perpetual model, the license cost for implementing the solution has lowered significantly, and finally in fact, with Dynamics NAV 2013 you can enjoy a proper SaaS offering, without any E-Commerce related up-front license investments at the time of implementation.

Technically Superior

On the technical side of things, the release of E-Commerce Add-on for Dynamics NAV 2013 has been through numerous improvements. We have completely moved away from legacy technologies like COM Automation, and the integration is now fully built on top of Microsoft .NET Framework and .NET Interoperability features provided by Microsoft Dynamics NAV, further improving the stability and performance of the solution.

Truly Multi-Language

And finally, the long anticipated Unicode support is here. Need translations in different alphabets (e.g. Russian or Japanese) in the database side by side with the ones in English? With Dynamics NAV 2013 - not a challenge anymore, just enter them as you do in Microsoft Word or anywhere else, and it works. And it seamlessly works with Select Solutions E-Commerce as well, which has made us remove any special treatment for supporting Cyrillic and another character sets that were not directly compatible with the code page your Dynamics NAV is using.

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E-Commerce for Efficiency

Ideal for B2B trade in manufacturing, distribution, and wholesale business. Fast and functional no-frills solution to boost the efficiency of your sales process. Easily customizable for your business.

Fully Integrated

All product, pricing and other data maintained in Microsoft Dynamics NAV only. No duplicate data entry or maintenance. No additional systems to learn.

Instant and Flexible

Save the precious time with a pluggable ISV solution - add e-commerce to your Dynamics NAV in a matter of few days. Unbeatable flexibility with SaaS-based pricing.