Support Information

All support enquiries should be submitted using the following e-mail address

The operation time of our support is 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM GMT daily.

Support Terms

Each implementation is normally accompanied with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) stating the party for support enquiries (Select Solutions or your Dynamics NAV reselling partner), the support level, services, channels, and maximum response times. Please review your SLA before submitting support enquiries to ensure the most efficient resolution.

Unless stated otherwise in SLA, the maximum response time for enquiries is 24 hours as of submission.

Without a valid SLA, the support service is available based on our standard hourly rate.

Version Lifecycle

E-Commerce B2B is maintained to be always compatible with the latest release of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Upon new releases of Dynamics NAV, a compatible version of E-Commerce B2B is normally released within 30 days of the respective public release of Dynamics NAV.

Select Solutions provide lifetime support for E-Commerce B2B, meaning that all implementations are supported according to SLA during the validity of SLA.

While new functionality, improvements, and fixes are always released for the latest version of Dynamics NAV, we provide backporting based on customer requirements, allowing customers to enjoy the benefits of latest features of E-Commerce B2B, while still running the previous versions of Dynamics NAV. The backporting is available for NAV versions 4.00 and above, subject to technical limitations, and is normally carried out in scope of the implementation or upgrade project.

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