Licensing Model

You may choose to license Select Solutions E-Commerce B2B either using the traditional "buying the license" model, or use E-Commerce B2B as a service, also known as SaaS or software-as-a-service model. The model does not depend on how you have licensed Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and may be selected independently.
The licensing principles are aligned with those of Microsoft Dynamics NAV for seamless combined offers of both Dynamics NAV and E-Commerce B2B.

Perpetual model - buying the license

The Perpetual license grants lifetime use of the licensed version of the solution, and is a one-time investment. With active Enhancement Plan, at 16% of the license list price and mandatory for the first year, you are eligible to the latest versions of E-Commerce B2B, and basic managed hosting service for E-Commerce B2B storefront provided by Select Solutions.
With the standard Perpetual licensing, the solution investment is fixed, and does not depend on factors like your NAV users, catalog size or similar.

Perpetual model - SMB pricing

As an extension to the Perpetual model, we offer special pricing for small-medium businesses, based on the number of your E-Commerce storefronts, and the number of Full and Limited users in your current Microsoft Dynamics NAV license.
You will find SMB pricing attractive if your Dynamics NAV license includes less than 15 Full users. As an example, you save 20% with a 10-user NAV installation, and nearly 50% with a 5-user NAV installation.

Software as a Service - subscription license

The SaaS licencse grants use of the solution during the validity of SaaS agreement. You are billed monthly, and may terminate the subscription at any time. SaaS licensing includes the benefits of Enhancement Plan - the basic managed hosting service for E-Commerce B2B storefront, and eligibility to the latest version of E-Commerce B2B.
The total monthly subscription investment is based on the number of your E-Commerce storefronts, and the number of your licensed Dynamics NAV users.

Please contact us for details and quote for your company and specific requirements.


The Full Picture

Implementation project

Setup, training and light go-live support is normally required to launch your E-Commerce. The standard system can be licensed and set up in 2-3 days, and training is typically 1 day.


Enhancement Plan

Customers on active Enhancement Plan are eligible to latest versions, hotfixes and service packs for E-Commerce at no additional licensing costs.

Enhancement Plan includes the standard managed hosting and monitoring service by Select Solutions.

Perpetual / SMB only

Custom Managed Hosting

With the standard hosting service included with the Enhancement Plan and all SaaS offerings, your Storefront is running on a dedicated cloud VPS on Azure or AWS. The infrastructure and the solution supports various scaling scenarios as per your requirements.

You should consider Custom Managed Hosting for heavy-use storefronts only, or if bound by enterprise or compliance regulations that restrict using cloud infrastructure for the e-commerce scenario.


Customization and Support

E-Commerce B2B allows for customization, improvement and extra integration endeavors, which is just normal for implementations, and post-implementation phases. The support and extra customization services are available during the lifetime of E-Commerce B2B, and are provided by either your Dynamics NAV partner or Select Solutions.


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Why Us

E-Commerce for Efficiency

Ideal for B2B trade in manufacturing, distribution, and wholesale business. Fast and functional no-frills solution to boost the efficiency of your sales process. Easily customizable for your business.

Fully Integrated

All product, pricing and other data maintained in Microsoft Dynamics NAV only. No duplicate data entry or maintenance. No additional systems to learn.

Instant and Flexible

Save the precious time with a pluggable ISV solution - add e-commerce to your Dynamics NAV in a matter of few days. Unbeatable flexibility with SaaS-based pricing.