Partner-Friendly Solution

Select Solutions E-Commerce is a Microsoft Dynamics NAV add-on solution. A part of it is installed into Microsoft Dynamics NAV application objects. While we offer installing and configuring the add-on by our NAV-Certified professionals, an approach taken sometimes is retaining a single partner for supporting a company's ERP system, and the add-on implementation is done by the current Dynamics NAV Partner (VAR) who already maintains the system.

We ensure implementing and supporting our solutions is as easy as possible for partners. This is in fact the cornerstone of our product design strategy. Since we are in VAR business since 2004 as well, we are perfectly aware of the challenges faced by partners when engaged with third party solutions.


Select Solutions E-Commerce is a compact and to-the-point solution, and it is not trying to fit every possible scenario. As solution size and complexity grows, the length and complexity of implementation project increases, and this is something we consider generally unwanted and avoidable.

E-Commerce is straight-forward and predictable. Developers familiar with Dynamics NAV patterns will feel at home with E-Commerce, as it follows all the standard paradigms of Dynamics NAV. To the extent possible, we avoid features that require complex logic or techniques.

Just Familiar Technology

As a whole, Select Solutions E-Commerce is a multi-technology solution. We take care of everything that is not the supposed competency of the implementation partners. We do web development and design, hosting, load balancing, content delivery, server management, data link monitoring and much more, while the partner needs to be competent with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and customer's business only.

Quality Support

Nobody is flawless, and we don't claim to be either. Should anything go wrong, the quality and knowledgeable support is at an e-mail or phone call's distance. At Select Solutions we get down to issues instantly.

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Why Us

E-Commerce for Efficiency

Ideal for B2B trade in manufacturing, distribution, and wholesale business. Fast and functional no-frills solution to boost the efficiency of your sales process. Easily customizable for your business.

Fully Integrated

All product, pricing and other data maintained in Microsoft Dynamics NAV only. No duplicate data entry or maintenance. No additional systems to learn.

Instant and Flexible

Save the precious time with a pluggable ISV solution - add e-commerce to your Dynamics NAV in a matter of few days. Unbeatable flexibility with SaaS-based pricing.